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Sundance 2016 Recap

Through the cold weather and the anxiety of the Sundance Film Festival approaching towards us, now that it is over we had the best experience! All throughout the streets of Park City were eager fans, flashing cameras, and well-known celebrities. It seemed as if you had to keep your eyes wide open at all times since there were interviews and famous individuals in every corner! Being in the Indie Lounge which was one of the top Entertainment and Gifting Suites at Sundance Film Festival, we were super thrilled to have our custom made limited edition scarves be provided to the Celebrities and Special Guests of The Indie Lounge.

We were glad to have met and interacted with many wonderful people! The list of the celebrities and powerful influencers we met was great. We met many familiar names such as; Kevin Sorbo, Penn & Teller, Harry Hamlin, Monique Coleman, Kaycee Stroh, Kaycee Stroh, Missi Pyle, Talon Reid, Rock Jacobs, Naomi Kyle, Jason Woliner, Brett Gelman, Victoria Fratz, and many more talented individuals. All the people that we met were very down to earth and easy to talk to, so thanks for being so great!

As we have discussed many times before Zaiya Collection had our custom made limited edition scarves provided to the Celebrities and Special Guests of The Indie Lounge. Below you will find some of our favorites rocking the custom made scarf!

As well as having the custom scarves made by our designer Olga Assayah featured at the Indie Lounge, you may remember that we also showcased a video! As we promised, we are going to showcase the video to you our blog readers today! So here is what you’ve been keeping your eye out for, the exciting premier of the Zaiya Collection Fashion Film right here right now!

So here we are now, Sundance Film Festival has passed, and all we have are the great memories that we have made. We cannot wait for the Sundance Film Festival next year, and all the great people that are waiting for us in the upcoming year! We hope you liked our updates on Twitter @ZaiyaCollection during the event, and we will talk to you guys soon!

See you on Thursdays with new insights on everything that is Zaiya! ­

-Zaiya Collection

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