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The New York Vision 2019

The New York Vision was a celebration of all things fashion and the official launch party of Flair Essence. Focused on charitable giving, all proceeds were donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.

During this fashion show we had the opportunity to officially unveil exclusive designs and custom made couture pieces from our various lovely clients in this New York Fashion Week themed affair. We directly contacted clients and gave them the opportunity to walk in the show in their own custom gowns. Our lovely ladies loved the idea, and were not only excited to step into the fashion scene for a day, but also made the absolute best “New York Vision” models.

Before the runway, our client (models of the day) had the opportunity to get their hair and makeup done, just to feel extra ready and pampered before the show. It was a confidence booster for most of the ladies and a new experience which they hadn’t done before. Meanwhile, backstage Olga was hemming and putting on last minute touches on some of the couture pieces in the collection. Here is a video of the preparations down below.

When the time came to hit the runway, the models were all so excited to showcase their favorite couture pieces and designs Olga had created for each unique individual. The ladies did a splendid job and the collection of different taste’s and designs all came together in complete harmony on the runway.

We love to make our clients excited to work with us, and The New York Vision fashion show hosted by Flair Essence really just widened and enhanced their experience of the fashion world. With a smile on our clients faces, the applause of the audience, and all of #TeamZaiya’s hard work, this was yet another show for the books. Thanks to our amazing team anything is possible at Zaiya Couture!


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