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Utah Fashion Week Fall Gala 2015

Utah Fashion Week Fall Gala 2015

There is no doubt that Fashion Week in any city is a major deal. Fashion Weeks such as Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week are the most exciting events of the year for people in the fashion industry! This is a time of collection showcasing, mingling, and presenting yourself as a designer to the world. Each Fashion Week is different, but there is no doubt that talented designers participate in each one. With the different Fashion Weeks, the fashion industry really thrives, and so do the designers who are showcased!

Even though we live in a smaller city, we are very excited to have our own Fashion Week! Utah Fashion Week, which used to be Provo Fashion Week, has helped many upcoming designers thrive in our Salt Lake City Community. The Utah Fashion Week Fall Gala last weekend was a great showcase of the many designers and works that will be in the full Utah Fashion Week show this year. The Gala itself was a grand night which included a runway show, mingling with designers, and a silent auction of some of the designer’s works. 

Designer: Janay Marie

The designers themselves had us preview fantastic collections! The runway shows included bridal wear, formal gowns, as well as mens suits. Some of the designers showcased were: Alexis Puglisi, Franklynn Stott, Mckell Maddox, Natalie Wynn, Janay Marie, Lily Bride Designs, Perfectly Suited by Garth, and W.N. Ferreira. There was no doubt the room was filled with talent, every collection preview was fantastic! We can’t wait to see the full collections at Utah Fashion Week this year.

Designer: Natalie Wynn

As for the rest of the night, we got to see the designed pieces up close, talk with the designers, and experience their visions come to life! The rest of the Utah Fashion Week Fall Gala was followed with more mingling with the models, artists, and fashionistas that were attending the event. Everyone was fabulous, and the attire of the attendees was marvelous as well! Each attendee took time to make their personality really shine through in their black tie attire, which brought another element of excitement to the event. 

As a representative for Zaiya Collection, I myself wore a gown designed by the one and only Olga Assayah! The light blue and purple gown was the perfect piece for the night. Its vibrant color of blues and purples really fit my personality, and the cut and fabric of the dress was perfect for a high fashion unique black tie look! The dress itself is one of Zaiya Collections newer pieces and we can’t wait to showcase more.

Designer: Zaiya Collection

Designer: Zaiya CollectionAs the music kept playing and the night of high fashion fun came to a halt, I was devastated that the night was over. However, even if the night came to an end there is still another full Utah Fashion Week that hasn’t even begun! We are super excited for the new collections that will be showcased at the event, as well as for our own new collection that will be showcased soon!

Stay tuned on the details of the new collection, and make sure to attend the next Utah Fashion Week. It will be a night that you won’t forget, just like the Utah Fashion Week Fall Gala! We hope that you have a fashion filled weekend, and let us know via Twitter @zaiyacollection if you saw us at the Fall Gala or will be attending the upcoming Utah Fashion Week! 

See you next Thursday with new insights on everything that is Zaiya!
-Zaiya Collection

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